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Essentials For You To Do When You Have Lost Your Retainer

You will find that you are given retainers when you experience a procedure at the dentist involving teeth realignment. When you go out with your friends, and you take out your retainer, you mostly tend to put it in a napkin at a hotel. You may leave the hotel and go home only to realize you forgot the fastener in the restaurant. You may have a difficult time recovering it especially if the restaurant already threw it in the garbage. For your teeth to resist falling back out of shape, it is essential to find another fastener. You should, therefore, find a way to get a new retainer. You can also use the tips provided below to help you when you lose your retainer.

It is essential for you to keep your retainer safe. Stay cautious so that you do not lose your retainer anywhere you go. It is essential for your retainer not to be kept in a napkin or plate as you dine in a restaurant. The best way to keep it safe is to purchase a casing meant for keeping your retainer in all the places you go. You should get another retainer as a backup in case you lose the other.

When you lose your retainer, ensure that you contact your orthodontist immediately. You should contact your orthodontist because it may take a while before you get a retainer. You should visit the orthodontist to take an impression of your teeth for making a new retainer. You may also stay longer before you get your new retainer. If you went there with broken retainers, you could check if they are functioning well.

Ensure that you get a new retainer when you lose one. Failure to have a retainer, your teeth may fall back to where they were before the realignment. It is essential to go to the orthodontist in the soonest time to have an impression of your teeth taken to make the retainer. The shape of one person’s teeth is not similar to that of another.

It is also essential to ask the orthodontist what you should do as you wait for the replacement retainer. Your teeth will shift during this time and your orthodontist can help you find a way to reduce the speed of the shifting of your teeth. You can use a simple, clear aligner to help slow the shifting process. In the period you do not have a retainer, ensure you do not subject your mouth and teeth to pressure, read more about how to get a new retainer on this site.

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