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Understanding What Weight Loss Surgery Entail

According to research a majority of American adults above the age of 20 are obese or overweight. People who are either obese or overweight have high health risks. There are a lot of self-esteem issues that are associated with being overweight and being obese according to patient testimonials. There are different diet plans and exercises that are designed to aid individuals who are looking to lose weight. Both diet and exercise play an integral role in ensuring people lose weight but the people who still struggle to get to their weight-loss goals through this method alone. Weight decision loss surgery is a viable option for anyone who has struggled to achieve their weight loss goals through exercising and dieting. The the article below has information about weight loss surgery and patient testimonials.

Weight loss surgery which can also be referred to as bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure and to help individuals who have not managed to lose weight even after undertaking different weight loss tips. One way that the weight loss surgery works are restricting the amount of food and individual can eat in a bid to help them lose weight. Malabsorption is another way that the weight loss surgery works to help an individual lose weight. To ensure you make a more informed decision on the type of weight loss surgery option to go for reading the patient testimonials provided below.

In the roux-en-y gastric bypass a small pouch is usually created at the top of the stomach and the small intestine is cut below the main stomach where it is connected to the pouch . Once the surgery is complete food goes directly to the new pouch as it is much smaller than the stomach and it limits the amount of food that you can eat or drink. In this procedure you get more substantial weight loss compared to gastric bands according to patient testimonials and also do not have any foreign objects placed in the body to make your body lose weight.

The gastric banding procedure refers to the procedure where one has a band with an inflatable balloon placed around the stomach and this one is smaller than the stomach therefore holds less food making an individual eat less. Patient testimonials show that this procedure is low-risk surgery as there are no incisions that are made to the stomach of the intestine.

Another weight loss surgical procedure you can consider is sleeve gastrectomy; in this procedure there is a part of the stomach that is removed and the remaining part is made into a tube-like shape that only holds small food portions. There is a hormone that controls your appetite and it is known as ghrelin; with lower production of this hormone you have a lower appetite.