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How can a House be Kept Cool without AC?
If an air conditioner is well maintained it can serve you for over 20 years. The house can get very hot in case the AC breaks down and repair time takes longer. Nobody should suffer heat when their AC is faulty. You should have too little knowledge on how to keep your house cool when the AC is faulty,these services.
When your AC breakdown fans are the first alternative. There are some disadvantages when fans are left to run for longer times. Setting your fans to spin the counterclockwise direction should be a good decision. It is most preferable to use window fans at night,these services. Have them installed on the windows and leave them to spin. They will attract a cool breeze to manage the heat.
The windows, curtains, shades, and blinds installed in a room can determine the heat in the room. The sunlight in the rooms can also be determined by these windows, curtains, shades, and blinds. When left open they will let in more sunlight meaning more heat. In case your AC is broken, you need to find all ways to block the sun. Ensure your windows, blinds, and shades are closed or lowered. Since the window fans will have drawn some coolness at night this will be preserved by closing and lowering your blinds, windows and curtains,these services.
Electrical appliances make houses hot, so despite the convenience, they bring they should their use should be stopped for some time. These services provided by dryers, stoves, dishwashers, and the oven are some of the ones that make our lives comfortable. Make use of the outdoor grill to prepare food.
You can keep things cool by placing ice near it. You can consider you have a larger ice block to use it efficiently. Decide the place you want to be kept cool and place the ice block there alternatively you can have small ice cubes placed in a large bowl for the same effect. These services should not be a problem if you live in a region where cooling is on the menu.
Although you now know how to keep your house cool during summer and when your AC is faulty, also take time and focus on your wellbeing in matters heat,these services. Keep a wet towel around your neck always but make sure you have several of them wet. You can also wear damp clothes if you are going to be staying indoors.
Sleep on damp bedsheets for a more cooling effect. Keep a bowl of ice next to you in case you are indoors. Also, have a fan next to you for that air conditioning effect. You don’t want to lose water quickly in these circumstances so ensure you take lots of water and avoid diuretics.